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venerdì 13 giugno 2014

'Upload' - Cocktail Dress & Ava Skin V3+Multi Appliers Hud-FATPACK&Baubles! by Phe ReverieFlowerSet Box & NS Mesh Bag (Happy Mother`s Days)&Baubles! by Phe ReverieFlowerBangle (Scripted)

DRESS---->'Upload' - Cocktail Dresswhite gloves included for marcketplace upload
Ava Skin V3+Multi Appliers Hud-FATPACK Curves introduces a new line of skins V3, with dashes, lines, lights and softer shadows, to give more realism to your avatar, moreover, every line of skins V3 now comes with a Multi Applliers Hud. What is Multi Appliers Hud? 
A Hud is unique with all Curves appliers on your screen at one time, so you do not need to change Hud. in one Hud you will find:* Lolas tango Applier in two versions: With and without Cleavage 
* Wowmeh Applier in two versions: With and without Cleavage Loud Mouth Applier Slink Hands Applier Slink Feet Applier  Phat azz Applier Baby Bump Applier  Ghetto Booty Applier  Banned Booty Apllier Sking Brazilia Applier  Perfect Bum ApplierAlso this package contains: (Skin tone: Choko) Ava Skin V3 with Cleavage Ava Skin V3 without cleavage Ava Skin V3 with and without cleavage cleavage and without brows Modify Ava Shape Ava Brows Shape 4 Hairbases (Black, Brunette, Blonde, Ginger) (tintable) 10 Lipsticks Tattoo to mix and match (tintable) 10 Tattoo Eyeshadows to mix and match (tintable) Blushes (3) 2 Eyeliners Freckles Gloves to cover nails.
JEWELRY--->Baubles! by Phe ReverieFlowerSet Box FOR STORE 
BAG--->NS  Mesh Bag (Happy Mother`s Days)FOR  STORE 
NS  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Majestic%20Island/198/213/23

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