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martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Break The Ice Lingerie (PURPLE)- Kharanee's Clothing & [BANNED] Dea Mesh Body Bag &.WoW Skins. Leah Tan .WoW Skins. Leah BLACK FRIDAY SALE 50% OFF & Siria's Design Jewel Chic Heels Black

LINGERIE---->Break The Ice Lingerie (PURPLE)- Kharanee's Clothing for store [BANNED]
BODY MESH-------> [BANNED] Dea Mesh Body  Bag  for store [BANNED] 
SKIN--->.WoW Skins. Leah Tan  BLACK FRIDAY SKIN ADDICTION SALE, wear your skin addiction tag , and get a refund on this EXCLUSIVE SKIN of 50% off! starting tomorrow at 12 am slt!4 skin tones, cleavage option, shape copy and modify, 3 eyebrow colors.Appliers are sold apart, and you can use the appliers from any new skin vendor <3 Also we have 25% off on the entire store! For everyone, during the entire weekend!ENJOY AND HAPPY WEEKEND!  Take the taxi!
SHOES------>Siria's Design Jewel Chic Heels Black for store Siria's Design

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