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giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

GIULIADESIGN MIA GOLD & Baubles! by Phe PlasmaStaffsGachaBlogger TTS Box & .WoW Skins. Noelle Tan FATPACK & Beloved Jewelry Winter Set (Texture ChangePartial Mesh)~1

SKIN--->WoW Skins. Noelle Tan ,The big show event started to day and will run until the end of january, you will find this new release, in 5 skin tones, Milk, tan, bronze, darken and the new skin tone golden,6 make ups to choose from for each skin tone:Each skin pack, come with 2 eyebrows colors, and a no brow option, cleavage option and eyebrow shape You will find also a shape copy and modify, (included also on the fatbacks).Appliers availble: Omega, slink & slink physique, Miatreya, Belleza, wowmeh, KL Lena, Babybump, TMP, Phat azz, banned ass, Ghetto booty, & Lolas If you have redelivery issue, remember to tp to the mainstore and click the redelivery terminal. and for event Check out now THE BIG SHOW EVENT!
JEWELRY----->Beloved Jewelry  Winter Set (Texture ChangePartial Mesh)~1 Beloved Jewelry : Winter Set with Texture Change Metals and Gemstones.Dangle Earrings. Necklace. Partial Mesh. Earrings have mesh ear posts.The necklace is modifiable. It will show as No Modify in inventory due to permissions on the script. The earrings are not modifiable * Metal Change (12 Choices) * Gemstone Change (12 Choices) 12 Metals: Platinum (3 Types), Silver (2 Types), Pewter, Gold (5 Types), Copper, Old Silver, Old Gold, and Old Copper 12 Gemstones: Alexandrite, Amethyst, Ametrine, Aquamarine, Black Crystal, Black Diamond, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire Part of a two piece jewelry set. Purchase the set in world at a discount or on the MarketPlace.Join Beloved Jewelry for info on new releases, gifts, & sales.Teleport to the stores for more jewelry, jewelry sets, and group gifts or search for Beloved Jewelry in Second Life: 
Beloved Jewelry : Mainstore Beloved Jewelry : At Emerald Bay Take a look at the Beloved Jewelry Blog and marketplace
SCEPTER---->Baubles! by Phe PlasmaStaffsGacha TTS  Box New & Exclusive for Totally Top Shelf "Out of this World" round which starts tomorrow (Jan12th), 4 common 2 rare! for event TTS

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